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Regular Non obscure music
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Edited Oct 04, 2013, 14:54
Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 04, 2013, 14:32
IanB wrote:
stray wrote:
I still think you're a dreadful cock with more than unfortunate opinions though. Also, whats worse, your opinions and attitude is actually the real problem that you're wailing against but you can't see it.

But you can?

You find me dreadful and unfortunate and some kind of cultural Jesuit. I find you at worst a tad over zealous in defending your corner. I just don't understand where this bile is coming from. That said Dreadful Cock is a great name for something. You have inspired me. Yours, DC

PS In the end I suspect all this goes to do is prove the point of the person who started the thread in the first place. Not the first person to be questioned for valuing the mainstream when posting on a board hosted by a former pop star.

Hang about, I'm not the one whose proud to be elitist. I've always hated any form of elitism, particularly in the arts. If anyone is proving bildings points its your incoherent opinionated and honestly elitist babble. I'm not the one who said you may think you've found a gem but you probably haven't. How do we value these gems we perceive, ask you to check them out ? I'm not the one who insulted someone who gave my work a good review. I'm not the one who belittled a wide movement to attempt an alternative approach to getting work out there (CC Licence) purely cos it doesn't make money. I could go on but your posts are in this thread so there is no need.

Edit : Incidentally on the CC front an NC licence doesn't mean it has to remain an NC licence. The creator of the work can grant a commercial licence and get paid on a case by case basis. The point is, with an NC licence, or more properly a BY-NC-ND licence, your work can be copied around with no bullshit. You always have to be credited and nobody can legally make money off it unless you let them.
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