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Regular Non obscure music
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Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 04, 2013, 12:17
IanB wrote:
stray wrote:
Solus 3 is good stuff, but I don't hear in it at all what you seem to be striving to find. The first risk that must be taken is in the work after all. I worry that you're just jaded, stuck in a negative mindset, and refuse to acknowledge that the creative reality may actually be different somewhere. Seriously, are you saying you've stopped looking because the channels you expect to find the 'good music' have dried up ?

For some the effort of the search is the reward. I would rather wrestle with the making-of or understanding-of something else than waste any more time trawling thorough the new releases. Especially the releases for which people make all sorts of wild claims of greatness. I simply haven't found that the end has justified that quest and the quest itself is not enough. I think the quest also distorts the critical faculties of those who undertake it. If you go looking for gems eventually you will convince yourself you have found one. A lot of great new records seem to find me and that serendipity suits me, it just happens that hardly any of it belongs anywhere near the rock bin and most of those new rock culture records I do hear justify not much more than a polite acknowledgement of the efforts of all concerned.

SOLUS3 meanwhile is a collaborative effort. Three, five, seven and then eight people bringing the sum of their own experience and listening to it. No one gets told what to play. It is not an auteur project. So the person who really likes Spandau Ballet or the person who really likes Prince gets the same input as the person who might like using loops with no fixed time or the person who fancies trying to bring 12 tone scale into dub based music to see what happens next. Change three people and something else happens as long as everyone else stops playing long enough to listen and then respond. That's what makes it interesting to us. If the process is interesting to anyone else then that's amazing but if you are going to go to trouble the scorers and put something into the market place then there is an additional effort involved if you want people to care.

Cool, I've always worked the same way. I misunderstood where you're coming from, sorry.

I don't search looking for gems, the search has never been the reward. There is too much shit out there for that ever to be true. I just hear a lot of good new music by nature of who I talk to and who talks to me. People send me things, I read various things etc, etc. As someone who makes music I think it's a duty to at least make some kind of effort to listen to what others are doing (as anger inducing as that can be sometimes). Its a bit too egotistical, insular, and in some ways, self obsessed and selfish not to. I have an old DJ instinct too, I can tell from a few bars if I want to hear the rest of something ;). So the searching process, as haphazard as that can be, is hardly a time sink. Good internet radio stations have contributed a lot of new artists to me over the years (and not all new artists either). I've gotten into that mode of having the radio on in the background again most of the days I'm home, a habit I fell out of for about ten to fifteen years.

Completely agree about being intolerant of music that's principally phoned in. Rock music though, I listen to that to hear god rock music, not to hear innovation. Frankly, I've always valued good far more than innovative.

You really don't like the idea of netlabels, or Creative Commons Licenced music at all do you ? You never pass any comment on it when it's raised.
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