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Re: Non Regular obscure musick
Oct 02, 2013, 20:28
HI DEN wrote:
Dude... What does that even mean..? And, like others pointed out earlier, the forum's name is unsung. And a lot of the stuff mentioned here isn't even SO obscure (although there's a crucial portion of that too at times). but i think many people (if not most, writing here at the moment/lately) listen to/talk about comparatively 'approachable' music.. Even up to the point where i wish people (because i anyway think that this site( Julian, Seth etc) is/are a prime (and unique) source of info and vibe related to great forgotten/overlooked (i.e. deemed too obscure music. and specifically ROCK!)) would go clogging other forums (of which i'm sure there are many..) with their musings and propaganda concerning thee 'regular' stuff (in which the world seems to be drowning in in the first place..)!

P.s: That would make up one of the most twisted album names ever... There's a Zen-like paradoxical quality to it (non-obscure/not-doing..).

Perhaps I should have used Mainstream as opposed to regular but seriously most everyone on here knew what I was getting at and to say you don't really doesn't help your case. Im not gonna flog a dead horse here as I think this thread ran it course and IMHO was a productive positive discussion. Get off yer high horse will ya JEEZ
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