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Regular Non obscure music
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Edited Oct 06, 2013, 15:58
Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 06, 2013, 15:54
stray wrote:
Charlie2300 wrote:
This is all getting very personal and polarised, people. I dislike personal invective aimed at other members of the Unsung forum. Unsung contributors are, almost by definition, passionate about the music they support through personal taste...and that's cool. We all have our opinions and, by and large, they're all valid. Live and let live.

Understood, but Ian and I have both been here for over ten years (I think). We're old enough, and detached enough (its only an online forum flamewar, it's not actually important), to cope with these disagreements.

It would have been quite possible to have had that conversation in full without descending into personal abuse but it is hardly the first time this has happened here.

I have been around here long enough to remember when people got routinely mocked for liking mainstream metal. It was only when Cope started writing about Van Halen and Kiss and BOC that the tide turned. The same thing happened with Prog though that thawing was more down to a significant minority speaking up in its defense than any Cope pronouncements.

The discography police were then reduced to waiting for some poor innocent to come along and declare their love of Eric Clapton or Bob Seger or some other 70s or 80s rocker still to be rehabilitated by the critics. Then the knives could safely come out. Even easier if their politics didn't quite fit either.

God forbid that they mistake their rock and roll fetish for being in any way the same as ours. Where would that leave us? We'd just be a bunch of consumers differentiated by the vagaries of taste and fashion and the tug of nostalgia. I love music beyond all reason but that doesn't mean you can't question why the hell we bother. That's all.
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