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Regular Non obscure music
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Edited Oct 03, 2013, 21:12
Re: Regular Non obscure music
Oct 03, 2013, 21:09
handofdave wrote:
It happens from time to time, but as someone (Stray, maybe) almost a decade ago, do we really have to prop up the stuff that's sold eight billion copies, or worse, stuff that made its splash forty years ago?

Oh god did I ? ;) Yeah, I'll stand by that, probably. Definitely when it comes to propping up things that sold countless millions, its done what it needs to have done, it's influence is unavoidable even if you don't hear it. It doesn't need hyping directly. Idon't even think it needs referencing either, but I'm odd. Cos thats how culture works in a wider sense I think, that stuff is the compost everything else can't avoid dragging its roots through. I listen to a lot of Blues that goes back 90 years or so at least. Classical too, but I don't go back further than the 20th century on that score.. well.. early music too but that's a wholly different thing.

But the splash that music made, back then, is a wholly different splash to the music made 40 years ago. It's about the quality of the splash. ;) Kind of, for me anyroad. Searching/Praying for the next big thing, or awaiting a new Bowie or whatever is to me a completely fucking ridiculous stance to take. I mean, Christ, have we not progressed at all ? What is music for, break it down, it sure as fuck should no longer be about the individuals who make it. The work itself is far more important than those who produce it. Moreso, it is more important to produce the work than it is to produce a 'system' (genre etc). This mindset was kind of glimpsed in the early days of the 90s dance culture. We all knew the tunes, the artists names, and hadn't got a clue wtf any of them looked like. (of course the media soon fixed that for us) The work itself was the thing, and how we connected to it, together.

Awaiting a new musical genius ? um.. fuck no ;) Seeking out genius music, yep. It occurs in every genre, it can occur to anyone, it can be distributed to anyone. (now playing on the radio Sex Pistols - 'Problems', now thats genius).

The splash is now personal, the pool fills more and more each day. Music that opens up new territories and hits you cold with a sentiment that absolutely connects and ensnares you. Thats the personal splash. It can come from any era but it has to be -you- and -now-. We're all becoming, constantly changing second by second, and we're becoming-aware of this. The new media is functioning (shit as it may be in many cases) to reinforce this epiphany. So we all end up being seekers by default. What is obscure ceases to be obscure if you hear it and you get it, and it gets you. Our musical territories are all different, and sometimes we hit a landscape that completely posesses us for a while, and sometimes we hear things that we like but aren't 'it'. They're like signposts, connected to the roots of other things that bring us into the landscapes that will posess us for a while, and enrich us. Music that changes the way you think about things completely outside of music, about yourself and others. Music that opens.

Think like an individual and stop looking for new messiahs. We will all be better for acting, enjoying and performing music with individual mindsets. The work is the whole of the agenda, the affects and sensations it resounds upon us. Not image, not some logos, stance, not even ideas tbh. Drop the semiotic trash talk and the signifying chains that do fuck all but impose limits. This place works best when one of us individuals finds a signpost (which is likely to be obscure music) that hits the rest of us cold and then opens something up. The recent Nisennenmondai splash is a good example. (edit : Straight up fucking correct Charlie2300, far, far better than Neu)
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