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Revolutionary Suicide
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Re: Revolutionary Suicide
Jul 11, 2013, 21:07
Late to the party, but I'm happy to drink out of a dirty cup! I listened to the first disk non-stop for a week or so when it arrived last month, loved it immediately. I saved disk two for a rainy day (well, sunny, turns), when I very coincidentally happened to have eaten a few mushrooms for breakfast. I don't have have much of worth to contribute here, other than to raise my hand along those of ye who think this is another stunning piece by an untouchably brilliant artist. I'm proud to be on the planet at the same time as this fellow. "In His Cups" makes me cry every time I play it, but can you imagine me hearing it for the very first time whilst tripping 'round the haus? Muther of Fook. I lurve "They Were On Hard Drugs" as well. He gets looser and looser, but musically, I think he's eternally spot-on. I don't really have anything new or even thoughtful to say, and I know I've waited a while before jumping on board here, so it's only my rush of enthusiasm that's got me scribbling right now. Yow.
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