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Revolutionary Suicide
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The Seth Man
The Seth Man
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Re: Revolutionary Suicide
Jun 15, 2013, 07:27
Daniel wrote:
Definitely it's a grower. I think The Armenian Genocide alone worth the price of the admission. Disc 1 is a beauty rural folk with great lyrics. Disc 2 is different and has typical elements of Cope's music in more than one tune. Is it me or the keys at the beginning of Paradise Mislaid sounds a bit like Genesis? Am I mad or in a coma? Either way, great song. There's even certain distant spirit to Plastic Ono Band's Instant Karma period in the mood of a couple of songs. Beyond the dispute of opinions seems to me that it's a great record. What is certain is that Cope doesn't seem to be willing to make the album that most of his fans expected and decides to do what he wants to do. In my opinion that is more than commendable and that's why I follow him for so many years now. I'm fed up of musicians who repeat their formula indefinitely and taken sabbatical years between albums, thanks but not my cup of tea. Julian is a fine artist true to himself.


Agreed, Daniel!

Agreed, HI DEN!

Agreed, everybody else who digs it. Why?

Because "Revolutionary Suicide" is a GREAT FUCKING ALBUM.

Before I heard it, it was described to me as being similar to "You Got A Problem With Me." But for some reason I hear elements of "Almost Alive," "Butterfly E" and "Straw Dogs" intermittently throughout. Probably down to the stripped down feel, and Anthrony O (spelling?) and Holy consistently back it all wonderfully.

The songs are all FUCKING SOLID, Jack: "Armenian Genocide" is truly one moving piece of cruel historic re-animated, "Paradise Mislaid" is fucking awesome (Best line: "What's all my vinyl doing upstairs?") and a feeling I relate to on a big level, "Destroy Religion" is "Sandoz In The Rain" with all the vibey early morning mist and most of all: "They Were All On Hard Drugs" shows that Lester Bangs was really onto something when he wrote in "Kraftwerkfeature":

"As is well known, it was the Germans who invented methamphetamine, which of all accessible tools has brought human beings within the closest twitch of machinehood, and without methamphetamine we would never have had such high plasma marks of the counterculture as Lenny Bruce, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg's "Howl," Blue Cheer, Cream, and Creem."

"In His Cups" is completely groovy. Fuck: he even references "Basketball Jones"(!) in it.

Julian's on top form on this album...I could tell from the first play.

Great cover, too. Rockwell Bold? Er...loki out!

(Verbal blogspot over)
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