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Revolutionary Suicide
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Popel Vooje
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Re: Revolutionary Suicide (coming, coming..)
May 28, 2013, 19:31
Squid Tempest wrote:
HI DEN wrote:
Still waiting for my copy to arrive to these northern longitudes...

The anticipation keeps on accumulating while reading these 'reviews' and (especially) all the whining. (Of course each to their own tastes etc.. Which i respect. At least sorta... Hahahaha).

But seriously, i find it quite interesting that on a Julian Cope site his "fans" couldn't be further removed from his trip it seems. No understanding, no compassion, no humour!!! (people just seem to complain when their personal addictions are not catered...).

That's a sign of a truly Forward Thinking Motherfucker!

Not whining, just haven't enjoyed the recent releases enough to invest in another along the same lines. Diminishing returns and all that. And what, after all, is a "fan" anyway? A sycophant who says they love everything by an artist no matter if they hate it or not? I'm sure Julian wouldn't want that.

Does that make me lacking in understanding, compassion and humour? Gosh.

Agreed, to an extent. See, I really liked "Black Sheep" - it did more for me than any Cope album since "Jehovahkill", let alone "Interpreter" (a release which I always found quite ropey, but which a lot of old school fans seem to regard as his last great achievement). "Psychedelic Revolution" was distinctly meh - more of the same, only less so if that makes sense. As you say, diminishing returns.

Judging by both the album title and the reactions here "Revolutionary Suicide" seems to be represent instalment no.3 of the same phase, so I'm anticipating the returns to be diminished even further, to the point where I probably won't buy it. For me, if an artist releases two dud albums in a row, I generally stop buying their records unless they do something fairly drastic to convince me they've rediscovered the muse again (which has happened on several occasions, admittedly). There's just too much good stuff being relesed at the moment for brand loyalty to guide my listening habits.
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