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Revolutionary Suicide
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Mrs Ahab
Mrs Ahab
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Re: Revolutionary Suicide
Jun 15, 2013, 23:24
hoorah for you both daniel and seth! i allways know i can count on you both for your taste and appreciation! I have to say when i was reading all these " my first impression is it sucks" " i hate this trip he's on" "whens he gonna write a catchy tune again" " he hasnt even tried" i thought OMG-S am i hearing something different to you. I think its a absolute triumph! I might be wrong but my guess is he's playing pretty much every instrument. And it's a heavy trip - you dont take on that type of stuff unless you can do it justice and serve it with the respect humility and tenderness it deserves, and he's nailed it. and its groovy too and fun. i think its a real ride this album. And it shows his age and his maturity and wisdom and its really worn on his sleeve. Some of the melodies are great they are pop and i new phase in his crafting of songs - i feels it i do ;)! i love it and feel happy that many people have listened again and said that they are begining to get it on subsequent listens, because the duff reception by some of you was really spreading through camp and turning off a lot of people. I think the busking style songs have a devided loyalty but aside from those its got a lot for most of us, It wont be for everyone of course but I'd never trust anyones opinion on anything they only tried once - well some things i guess like braking your leg maybe ;) It's got so much in it, totally listenable again and again and hearing something new each time - REVVY SUICIDE ROCKS!
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