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Revolutionary Suicide
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Edited May 23, 2013, 13:17
Re: Revolutionary Suicide
May 23, 2013, 13:16
IanB wrote:
Pilgrim wrote:
sweetfeed wrote:
Erm, well, hmmm.

Yep. This is my opinion. At first listen, not one of his better offerings. It may grow on me, but it's hardly the sort of thing that I can see him playing in his live set. There's some good lyrics in there, and some catchy choruses, but I'm getting a bit tired of the thunder.

Ah well. There's always Woden.




Thanks for the heads up. I always feel I should buy the records regardless in order to support this site / forum but having not heard an album of his I have really liked since CC/DO I am not sure I will bother this time. I have been down the same road with Bill Nelson. How many records with diminishing returns from one artist before you run out of shelf space? Seems the answer in both cases is about 80. Now, when he comes up with something as good as say the Dogntank record ....

No worries. Of course, usual caveats and all that.... these are my impressions (I do a pretty mean Eccles, too).

I buy this stuff partially out of support for the chap himself, and a personal defined attitudinal stance against the crappy drivel that is tagged as "indie" these days (it wears me down that seemingly everyone - barring the wonderful Mr Maconie - in the music business bangs on about how great Copey is, and then tops it off by playing "Reward" or "World Shut Your Mouth").

I think the artwork (esp. the anti-Thatcher bit on the front) is worth the dibble alone, so it will go in my collection (almost complete bar one or two of the "Rite" sequence) and I'll for sure play it some more, and also hope that this still applies:

"I’m an experimental artist, and true experimental art should be rendered obsolete by what comes next."




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