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Revolutionary Suicide
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mr sulcus
mr sulcus
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Re: Revolutionary Suicide
May 23, 2013, 22:43
Had it on while at work today. First impressions are that it starts really well, with some of the best solo Cope songs in ages. I'm sure every release gets that label, but this is pretty good. A lighter atmosphere and some different instrumentation (loving the buzzy synths and the layers of looped sounds) from that previous few records it reminded me most of "Rome...". I think there is some genuinely enjoyable songwriting on there... The bass drum that was mentioned as being out of time didn't bother me that much, I wondered if he was going for a Tom Waits kinda junkyard vibe? And I didn't notice an issue with the production (havent on any album except maybe "...Cained" which was deliberately fuzzy). However, the last two tracks let it down for me, being a modern Cope by numbers mellotron ballad, and a Black Sheep "heathen Industrial" chant-a-thon. Neither unlistenable but both been done before and which jar with the refreshing feel of the previous songs. And the explosion sample wasn't particularly clever the first time. It funny someone mentioned Woden, because that's what I followed it up with - and enjoyed it lots.
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