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Re: Well I love it.
May 24, 2013, 16:57
Bov wrote:
Hmm... I've had a first couple of listens this morning and really enjoyed it. But then, I'll always stick up for the current "phase". The home made sound is undeniably an acquired taste, but in many ways it reminds me of the Fried era. Yes the shitty crash cymbals and explosions can grate a bit, but I'd rather have 1 relaxed, flakey home-made Cope album than a hundred slickly produced Bowie ones with all the charm polished out of them. And he does seem to be getting better at layering up the songs with nice instrumentation without wrecking them.

While I thought Gotta Problem was a bit of a weak record, Black Sheep is probably in my top 3 Cope albums, and I really enjoyed Psychedelic Revolution despite it being a slighty weaker set of songs. Rave-o-lution hasn't really grabbed me by the balls yet. Thought it was a bit.... meh.

The new one seems nice though. It's less shouty and in-yer-face than PsyRev. First disk is pastoral and easy-going with three nice long tracks that each have a laid-back groove. That out-of-time bass drum on "Chicken" doesn't bother me at all, it's clearly not like that by accident and I think it's an interesting rhythm.

Second disk is packed with really entertaining tracks. It's got a nice sense of humour and playfulness to it that we haven't seen much of since Interpreter. They Were On Hard Drugs is hilarious.
There are even plenty of hooks to be found. Lots of lush mellotron and acoustic guitars as ever, but this time with some refreshing percussion and squelchy synths that remind me of Thighpaulsandra.

I'd say it's his most light-hearted album in years. Sure, it could use a sympathetic encounter with a mixing desk here and there, but long may he run.

I'm going to listen again with this post in mind. I love the Fried radio sessions with just Julian and his keyboards so I'll approach it like that and see if it makes a difference! The out of time bass drum is obviously by design but it bugged the hell out of me.

Do we know if there are any other musicians on the album? None are credited. It sounds like it might just be Julian - all the drums are loops (I think?) apart from the odd obligatory bass drum wallop.
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