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Revolutionary Suicide
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Re: Revolutionary Suicide
May 22, 2013, 21:29
Erm, well, hmmm.

It's hard to tell after a first listen but I'm reminded of You Gotta Problem With Me to a certain extent. It's got a similar thin sound, use of drum machines, keyboards (lots) etc. The out of time bass drum (it sounds like a loop) on the second song is kind of infuriating.

Raving on the Moor was a great, passionate opening on the last one. This is maybe missing some of that passion in the performances. But half-assed, weedy vocals seems to be Cope's default setting these days, at least on record. I think I just want a bit more energy! Saying that, I enjoyed the rambling nature of They Were On Hard Drugs and Destroy Religion - both songs that sound like something new from Copey.

Again, it's a first listen so I may disagree with the above after a few more listens. The songwriting, rather than the production or the performances, sounds like it might be top notch. I kinda wish fellow Black Sheep David Wrench (y'know, an actual record producer) would produce one of Copey's records.
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