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Revolutionary Suicide
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Edited Jun 18, 2013, 16:41
Re: Revolutionary Suicide
Jun 18, 2013, 16:18
Not sure of the reason in your argument Ian- at least in the context of R.S! To slag Spotify is one thing- it deserves it (though I'm not entirely sure that artists see nothing in return from their material appearing on it? Please enlighten me) But to suggest that R.S should therefore be streamed here on HH doesn't add up- JC would surely then lose income from fans! As for Spotifiers getting Cope for free- how many exactly do you think there will be?? Maybe a few will hear it who never would have otherwise!

Anyway thanks to Spotify JC will have one more purchaser in me..I'm skint and can't afford the luxury of buying albums indiscriminately

EDIT or are you criticising Cope for not Bandcamping? I'm lost! x
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