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oxford gig
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Re: oxford gig
Sep 28, 2004, 12:40
>>>>'a new poster essentially getting flamed'
I didn't think I'd flamed anyone, and I'm distressed to hear you felt I had. I expressed what I thought. Strongly perhaps. Just like you have just done. Just like oxford stu did. Just like we all do.

>>>>'Nobody was defending the talkers last week, were they? Had it not been people whom you were there with, I somehow doubt you'd have waded in and had a go at the guy.'
I don't really understand what you mean here, Holes. I'm not defending - or attacking - anyone in particular. I still defend the right of people to talk to each other at gigs. As it happens, I stood -quiet as a mouse, actually- at the front, intently listening and watching, singing along occasionally. People should be free to listen, talk, drink, boogie, groove, etc at gigs. We all express our joy at seeing Julian play his music in different ways and we all have to live together and tolerate each other. That's what I was saying. There're lots of behaviours I don't approve of, but while they're legal, I have to tolerate them!

>>>>'I'm really not here to harp on about gig etiquette,'
I thought that's exactly what we were talking about. I guess we all have different ideas about what constitutes 'acceptible'. And you're damned right - I would be mightily miffed if anyone so much as sniffed during a chamber music recital, but a Julian gig is not exactly the same, is it...

Anyway, Holes, I was disappointed to see you weren't there. I believe you put in surprise guest appearances at other gigs. I really like to watch you play your... your... (don't know what it's called!) the thing that looks like a barbeque. Will you be at Northampton?
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