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Quiet at the back
Sep 28, 2004, 12:04
I don't recall anyone saying anything against people singin-anna-dancin - that's what everyone is there for. Even the odd heckle at a gig can be fun. People chatting away and <i>seemingly</i> ignoring the artiste can wind up people who are trying to enjoy the gig, especially if their actions are distracting. However, personally I don't think the sit-down venues do anything to discourage a more 'social' atmosphere.

Now a general comment not aimed at you Squid!:

Some have said that if Julian had been more engaging then some folks wouldn't have talked. Fair comment, but if the man on the stage ain't grabbing you then feck off outta there and let the others at the gig enjoy it. Complain at the door on the way out that the sound rig is crap or the man's bollox and not worth the entrance fee if it makes you happier. It don't make any sense staying at a gig you don't like, especially when there's probably a cheaper place to drink down the road where you can talk as much as you want.
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