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oxford gig
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Holy McGrail
Holy McGrail
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Re: oxford gig
Sep 28, 2004, 11:17
>However, I still defend the right of people to talk to each
>other [...] at gigs.

Irritating though it is obviously going to be, talking at Cope gigs is hardly a new thing, especially not when he does quiet stuff and when the venue is bar-y. Talking about talking at Cope gigs is not a new thing to this forum either - there's been plenty of discussion about that throughout the tour, BUT ... a new poster essentially getting flamed for mentioning being disappointed with people talking at a Cope gig ... on a Cope forum, by a regular - well that's a new one on me.

Nobody was defending the talkers last week, were they? Had it not been people whom you were there with, I somehow doubt you'd have waded in and had a go at the guy.

I'm really not here to harp on about gig etiquette, but I DO think that flaming the guy for complaining about the talking is absolutely fucking absurd, given the circumstances.
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