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oxford gig
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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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Re: oxford gig
Sep 28, 2004, 13:00
Holes, I dunno why you seem to feel a group of people are ganging up on Oxford Stu and flaming him.

Goffik’s response was that he didn’t really notice the talking much himself.
Mine was ‘I’m one of the guys you described. I apologize, I wish you’d told me at the time, or you could have moved somewhere else, but I wasn’t talking through the whole thing like you said, (I didn’t even stand in the same place all night, for a start) and I feel a bit unfairly singled out.’
Pooh Bear said she’d asked a couple of people to ‘shush’ but hadn’t noticed it being excessive. As did ratcn01 in his response.
Jane did bark. If you look further down the thread she and Oxford Stu made up and made light of it.

The reality is that some of us talked a bit, but we weren’t talking through the whole gig, and got understandably a bit miffed for being singled out and being accused of talking through the whole thing. Which IS NOT THE CASE. Oxford Stu said as much himself further down the thread. Holes, you weren’t there, so you don’t know what the reality was as opposed to how it was initially portrayed. Oxford Stu retracted the ‘through the whole gig’ thing and everything seemed to be hunky dory again with I for one having some food for thought for how I conduct myself when I go to one of these solo gigs in future.

The reactions were as they were because, at least for me, it felt personal and a bit unfair. I was not defending talking at gigs, but myself against a portrayal which I felt was a bit inaccurate. None of us was abusive to Oxford Stu, and I’m sure I’d give him a big hug if I met him, too.
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