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oxford gig
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Re: oxford gig
Sep 27, 2004, 21:04
Oddly enough i think cope attracts enthusiastic fans who tend to enjoy themselves (sometimes a little too much maybe!!!) but hey what the fuck, its all cos they love the man and his music/philosophies, thats why we're all here (well generally ;) anyway!). they're excited about being at the gig and sometimes that manifests itself in different ways, i think whatever gig you go to that is in a club environment (or an all standing venue) there's gonna be a level of audience noise, thats why bands have amps surely?

The fact that julians set was somewhat less in your face and made it easy for people to talk and have conversations is surely not a bad thing? At most gigs i've been to or played people talk during them, amongst groups of friends or amongst each other to make new friends, to me that adds to the ambience and i've met many friends at gigs this way. Maybe cos julians set wasnt so in your face this was more noticable at oxford, i dunno but either way i think it would be wrong (tho julian would probably disagree! :)) that we should all sit in reverent silence listening to his "huge" canon of work!

I'm sure that julian himself gets carried away when he sees bands he loves? Surely......?

By the way in case you're wondering i was stood at the back at oxford and the front at stoke, right next to the guy who was shouting ... who did annoy me slightly! but hey thats all part and parcel for gigs to me, like the guy at "the night for newbury" who constantly shouted, "JULIAN............ I'M YOUR DADDY!!!!!!!!" ya just gotta live with it i guess, 'toleration not exclamation'.

an chickenshit kosmischeboy
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