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oxford gig
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Holy McGrail
Holy McGrail
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Re: oxford gig
Sep 27, 2004, 17:34
If you went to see a film and someone talked intermittently throughout, surely that'd piss you off? When friends meet up and go to the cinema, they generally talk to each other before and after the film, don't they? Why should it be any different at a gig?

Some people don't feel confident enough to ask someone to desist doing something as that in itself is an act of confrontation. If someone has little enough respect for the performer that they talk through their show, who knows how they're gonna respond to someone asking them to stop talking? You can't exactly guarantee a polite, respectful response, can you?

This isn't intended as a barb towards Jane or LL, but I would 100% align myself with the person pissed off with other people yabbering and I'm surprised that no-one else has come to the defence of someone who paid money to go to a show and had it spoiled by people talking. There's been a few whinges about talking on the other dates of the tour - the people complaining then didn't get shot down in flames.

Surely the point of going to a gig is to listen to music?
Surely you shouldn't HAVE to tell someone to shut up?
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