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Jacko is at it again (uh oh)
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Cut and paste is bonanza......
Nov 20, 2003, 15:57
....ok ok ok enough of this dude.... I feel the knives are out for me just cus some friggin twato Jacko comment was made and the prick has not been convicted *yet* ! aND i WAS STUPID ENOUGH to think U OR WHO EVER COULD see my joke but no we have to get all Cyber nerdy Like a bunch of friggin kids in a playground.
Ok you don't like my joke
*sorry i take it back ok*
I wont say it again !

And yes I may have been GUILTY of directing my vexed cyber Nerd at you which was most probably ment for stray... (but yer posts are a bit long winded dude and dare I say a little nit picky next tme just tell me to shut dafuck up and I will !) .....who seems to think he can thro his petty but hurtful insults at who ever while sitting behind his little pOoTER .
I would like to see if he has theeee balls to say these tings to my face but that is a different matter so I will shut up there or here if ya like. Any ways dude For that I am truely *sorry* ....

However for you to say :

*forgive me for not thinking that baseless bigoted bloodlust against otrher people is especially funny.*

Is out of order ! I have explained to you more that twice now THAT I WAS MESSING ABOUT ... and that I am *sorry* or are you just trying to make an example of me here in cyber nerd?

If what I wrote was sooooo baseless & bigoted
then how come you and stray were the only ones who were really up fer the fight!
Maybe cus others thought or worked out that yali was just messing about killing some time here at work by playing the *lets kill jacko game* which I have played here b4.

I didn't really want to have a go at you other than to say lighten up... for thaT I get called a bigot blood luster????.... can I once again remind you that I was slagging *Jacko* off not yer dad !

So YES maybe you should lighten up and may I be brave enough to point out that I post on this forum more than you do so surely like most of the other HH'ers who know my postings and who have met me in person would not see me as a bigot or a thug ! However like mr cope once said in his *I'm yer daady song *
*I ain't no peace freek lidddle gurL*...WELL nor am I...when I see an evil twisted mother fucker like
*Jacko* ... spending millions when the world is half starving to death just like when Mr cope also cleverly pointed out his discust at Mr drummand burning a million £spons when the money could have been used to buy chocho bars to put smiles on the faces of poor children (well said JuLian u rawk).... YES i DO FEEL like putting an axe through the *morons* of these ppl YES YES!

So neeeeer up yer kilt I wiLL play
*lets kiLL jacko* game if want to! Just Ignore my postings Merrick ... if I is not clever enough to indulge you in Cleverness and the law of theeeee o so POOOOOOO pooooooooooooooeeeeeeee universe of FiNgs!
P.s.......your not really the ald drummer from adam and theeeee ants are you by the way? How is Adam thes days ?

p.p.s.....this was wotein a rush ok cus i is at work kissing the mans asssss?
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