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Jacko is at it again (uh oh)
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Nov 21, 2003, 12:11
I stood on a few toes round here a while back when I made some very Crass Liam Gallagher inspired joking comments about Robbie Williams, which got interpreted as Sizist. Instead of withdrawing these remarks I proceeded to keep going on a wind up.

I do feel quite bad about this now as I don't think I am quite the cunt I made out I was - or looked like.

Sometimes you gotta apoligise for offense caused, joking or otherwise.

Jokes are a two way process. It is up to people recieving the joke how they take it and they have every right to. The 'only joking' attitude can be quite intimadating & even more patronising than Merrick's liberalism as it implies there is something wrong with the person who doesn't get it/find it funny.
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