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Jacko is at it again (uh oh)
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Re: No you are wrong dude!
Nov 19, 2003, 18:07
oK dUDE i will back off at this point and agree that my joke back fired *sorry* ...for I am a big enough a person to admit I may have ...e'r stOod on a few cyber toes...

...but *victom* or *abuser* or both ...ALL sane adult human beings must surely know it is an *ethical crime and a SIN* to fuck children ...
...I could sit here in cyberland intellectualizing with you all day on the subject-matter of how the law works but the fact is I was really just having a silly pop at some rich twat called *jacko* who has been accused of child abuse b4 mainly with 12 year old boys . Dont you think there is enough pricks like him getting away with all sorts of wrong doing in this sick world of uncaring iSNEsS. ..

Tell me Merrick ...I have seen Julian himself in his monthly journals slate a few ppl in this world of *ISNEsS* and fame in a way that could be seen as unethical and uncalled for (please don't ask me for examples) but at the same time tis fucken funny as well are you sooo quick to bash him around the head with yer cleverness hmmmm?

Lighten up dude learn to laugh at and with *yaLi* you must surely know me by now? I was just playing let killlll *jacko* game.

I will except your view to a point cus you seem to be able to hold a conversation without chucking silly insults and getting personal on my ass about who I am which is cool.

I am sorry if I am not as *precise* with the ins and outs of the postings as you but you have to understand as much as I like this forum It is *probably* not as *significant* to me as it is to you how I come across to others here... hense my scwobble with Stray.
Regards Yali*
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