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Jacko is at it again (uh oh)
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Re: No you are wrong dude!
Nov 20, 2003, 13:57

gracious as it is of you to apologise for a backfired joke, I would point out ( as I did in my last post) that I didn't actually criticise you for it.

>...but *victom* or *abuser* or both ...ALL sane >adult human beings must surely know it is an >*ethical crime and a SIN* to fuck children ...

We all do things we know are wrong. Most sexual abusers of children were abused that way themselves. The abuse has damaged them so that they behave in damaged ways.

I am in no way absolving or defending sexual abuse, but I am saying that we need to understand why people do it if we are ever to stop it. Just respond to incidents with bloodlust will never make it go away, it will condemn us to more of it.

And if we are to have sympathy for victims of child sex abuse then that necessarily includes those who go on to abuse.

>I could sit here in cyberland intellectualizing with you all day on the subject-matter of how the law works but the fact is I was really just having a silly pop at some rich twat called *jacko* who has been accused of child abuse b4 mainly with 12 year old boys . Dont you think there is enough pricks like him getting away with all sorts of wrong doing in this sick world of uncaring iSNEsS.

Yes I do think to many people get away with this. I am also sick of people getting away with brazen brutalisation by encouraging vengeance and not thinking about causes, only symptoms. To me they are both parts of a damaged culture.

>I have seen Julian himself in his monthly journals >slate a few ppl in this world of *ISNEsS* and >fame in a way that could be seen as unethical and >uncalled for (please don't ask me for examples) >but at the same time tis fucken funny as well are >you sooo quick to bash him around the head with >yer cleverness hmmmm?

It's a shamre you think having an intelligent discussion and asking people to justify such damning opinions is something to describe in such a derogatory way. I resent the implied charge of sycophancy.

But, since you ask, yes I have had several disputes with Julian & Dorian about political and ehtical issues.

>Lighten up dude learn to laugh at and with *yaLi*

forgive me for not thinking that baseless bigoted bloodlust against otrher people is especially funny.

And forgive me for, in the midst of a thread where we're calling to mind the incidents of close friends being sexually abused, not being overly quick to 'lighten up'.

>I will except your view to a point cus you seem to >be able to hold a conversation without chucking >silly insults and getting personal on my ass about >who I am which is cool.

It's a shame you can't extend such a basic courtesy to me.

>I am sorry if I am not as *precise* with the ins >and outs of the postings as you but you have to >understand as much as I like this forum It is >*probably* not as *significant* to me as it is to >you how I come across to others here

All I've done is explain my point of view and respond to pertinient points raised. I don't see why, when you've taken up more time and space on this thread than me, you can't have done the same. It's not asking for you to ponder it for hours and come out with some great treatise, just respond as if you think people are intelligent enough to understand your point of view.

Unless, of course, your point can't be so defended because it is baseless chest-thumping, vengeant and uninformed .
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