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Jacko is at it again (uh oh)
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Re: ps
Nov 21, 2003, 13:55
I agree with you dude 100%!
Point is I have been saying this for the last two days although Merrick or who ever may not like my joke or me or my postings or whatever...BUT...I have clearly said sorry and I have clearly stated that I was messing about .

Whats their exscuse fer being so Rightiously anaL ? E'h?

Y am I not allowed to laugh at *jacko's down fall* e'h? Who is merrick to tell me what I cannot laugh at. I will laugh and I will dance with joy when *Jacko* goes to prison hell!

Y? cus I have seen enough to convince me he is *evil* I may be wrong but let me put this question to you all ... if it had been a catholic priest I was taking the piss out of for the shameful buggery of 12 year old boys would there have been sooo much fuss made then? I doubt it cus we all know how much we hatE christians here in HH land.

If the message had gone up in the u~know forum which I very rarely bother with cus I find it well boring to read doom and gloom then fair play but this went up in the, dare I say less politically corrected unsung forum... also I was not the only *person* that took the piss out of *jacko* yet Mr stray and merrick got da bleedin knives out .

Any how I do think Jacko is guilty! (sorry)

I don't really want to kill him tho I just want to see him get what he diserves... ! I vented my view, Merrick gave me the law lesson (which i didn't need or care about) which he was and is within his right to do .... but the real instigater of insults here is *stray* ... who thinks he can suss a persons faults out on the strength of what he reads on a music Forum.... Yea u sTRAY just watch yer self boy! cUS SOME of us are not worried or scared of your bully boy approach!

However MonkeyBoy thanks for the frank butcher talk yer a nice chap and I respect yer fer having the gumpsion to approach my wrong doings with some manners and grace.

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