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Jacko is at it again (uh oh)
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Re: No you are wrong dude!
Nov 19, 2003, 17:12
>I was joking about Jako being killed or hung or >having his platic face kicked! Fer feck sake it is >*jacko* we are talking about here not yer dad!

Er, I didn't comment on you saying that.

>I wouldn't let any adult who was not related or at >least 100% trust worthy sleep with my child!

Ah, this time you've added a second group of people; there's the relatives and now the 100% trustworthy too.

We have no idea whether the parents of children who share Jacko's bed regard him as 100% trustworthy. Furthermore, we have no idea if such a judgement would be right.

>Y do I feel like this cus I know people who are >very close to me who have been thro sexual >abuse when they were young and it really messed >their lives up...

I know such people too, and i think it's sadly safe to say most of us do.

Most people who sexually abuse children were abused themselves when they were children. It is often a response, it is a result of the abuse; such people are both perpetrator and victim .

If we don't recognise that, if we don't come at it with humanity but instead with vengeance and cruelty then we are not addressing the problem, and thus we are actually permitting it to continue.

So, precisely *because* I too have to deal with friends who bear the awful damage of sexual abuse, I do not share your bloodlust.

> I don't like Jacko I think he is guilty .

I'll say it one last time; you, like the rest of us here, are not in possession of the facts, and so your opinion on his guilt or innocence is not only irrelevant but invalid.
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