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Jacko is at it again (uh oh)
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Re: No you are wrong dude!
Nov 19, 2003, 15:16
>Sorry but if your trying to claim that I am at >question here *merrick* then You are out of order >and I don't take kindly to your questioning!!!

Whoah, I've just re-read my post and see how it could be misinterpreted. I certainly did *not* mean any kind of 'we know what homophobia really says about a man' type thing!

My point is that an uninformed opinion is an invalid opinion. Neither of us has any solid information on whether Michael Jackson is a paedophile or not, and so we are in no position to damn or acquit him accordingly.

> I don't hang him from hi up places infront of the world press !

That's not only because you don't dangle your kid out of windows, but also because you aren't followed around by the world's press.

If you were, I'm sure sooner or later they would find things that would show you acting irresponsibly and stupidly.

>This man has had umpteen chances to clear his name

He will never be able to satisfactorily clear his name. Any inquiry is going to be biased because of who he is. Again, I refer to the OJ Simpson trial where people were fervently supporting one sode or the other not out of anyhting to do with the alleged crime, but to do with social ideas and the nature of celebrity.

Fame and wealth always twist justice, and when fame and wealth is given to such a phenomenal pharoah-level degree as it is to Jackson, there is no hope of proper inquiry.

>Do think it is ok to sleep with other peoples children then?

I do it myself, charlie, and it's fine.
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