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Re: Silbury Hill trespassers
Jan 12, 2013, 13:00
bladup wrote:
tjj wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
"you cannot ban the public on the grounds that the hill is being damaged"

The "consensus" here is not to "ban the public" but to better explain the damage problem to them and appeal to their better nature. If they are going to say "well some achaeos and the occasional film crew and official Druid goes up therefore I'm going to as well" I'd suspect they are looking for cover to do what they intended to anyway.

Personally, I would be against renovating and throwing open the main path as that would result in 500x more people going up and a commensurate increase in erosion.

My stance on this in the past has always been to 'ban' or rather educate visitors not to walk on Silbury, now after reading all the posts in this thread I've learnt that Silbury is not going to collapse and is in no imminent danger other than surface erosion (which is happening all the time to the Henge banks). I still think people should be educated not to walk up as that clearly is what is most beneficial for the monument and the best way to do this is information boards explaining why.

Perhaps we should have a new topic to discuss 'what does Silbury mean to you' ... why for example does the official Druid need to go up there when Silbury can be appreciated (venerated even) from so many other high vantage points nearby. For myself, it is far more than an ancient mound of grass covered chalk - hard to put into words.

That's certainly one of the problems, you just self appoint yourself as "keeper of the stones" Ha ha and they'll let you up, give them money -they'll let you up, look after the wildlife - they'll let you up, I do agree with lots that's been said [and how nice we're been] but do you [apart from the people who live around there] realise just how many people go up there, in the summer there are people pretty much continuously up there [there was even someone when Steve M took the photo the other day - it's all the time], the signs are as clear for all languages as they can be [it's a picture of someone climbing with a red line though or a red circle with a white line though] and then people see the steps over and it confuses them and pretty much encourages them up, getting rid of the stiles for a start would stop most, i can't believe nobody mentions the stiles [there's even more than one].

Paul, you keep referring to these steps, i've never seen them though i've walked round the base of the hill many times. ?
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