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Re: Silbury Hill trespassers
Jan 12, 2013, 13:00
harestonesdown wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
Yes, but I don't think a compromise is needed but a consensus. I'd suggest one has emerged, and it's this:

1. Some people think it's OK to climb because their individual action is harmless (and they're right)

2. Most think it's not OK to climb because the cumulative damage is harmful (and they're right)

3. The photos have emphasized how right group 2 is, so there's a growing view that whatever can be done to get most of group 1 to join group 2 should be.

4. It's mostly about better notices and it's really up to EH to address that issue. As someone who, in his time, put up dozens of notices there because they hadn't put up enough, and had them all removed by them without them adding to their own, I don't think there should be a request for them to do it but a public clamour.

One of the problems is people travel hundreds, and in some cases thousands of miles to Avebury, with their mind set on climbing Silbury, and it's these people who wont heed the signs as it'll probably be their only visit to the WHS and they see it as being acceptable as it'll be a one off life event, the thought of potential damage and keep off signs take a back seat in the excitement, and disappointment isn't on the agenda. Of course there will be other more local that believe they have a right to climb as i did, in fact the only reason i don't go up anymore is out of respect to VBB, if it weren't for his personal words and his obvious love of the hill i'd climb it again without thought, and the problem is i doubt you can get across the message in such a personal heart felt way with signs.

So the only solution imo, stick VBB there 24/7 to intercept the climbers. :)

He'd need one of my patented 3 speed walking sticks to catch them :-)
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