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Re: tma discusses Silbury rationally?
Jan 10, 2013, 06:32
bladup wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
"and there imminent collapse"

News to me. Last I heard a degree of upwards migration was anticipated over time but not to the surface.

Believe them if you want, i can see it going down, i mainly visit every solstice and each time i see the waden hill side is caving in more and more [it's lower each time i see it], i don't need people to tell me whats happening i can see it all to clearly myself i'm afraid, and what with all the water recently i think they've got a real problem on their hands, i do hope i'm wrong though.

It doesn't matter whether anyone is wrong in such instances, the important thing is that they care enough to flag it up to someone that can check it out. For future reference e-mailing EH and then head up a new thread on here would ensure it is followed up by someone.
As to above concerns, it is perhaps a trick of the perspective and light. There are at least three members of the public that regularly take photographs of Silbury from the same spots in the landscape including from the Waden Hill side. One is particularly dilligent and regular in this habit. This individual flagged slippage on the south and south west flank in 2008, and don't let's forget of course that it was a member of the public that discovered the hole on the 29 May 2000 and averted a tragedy by informing local people that called ou the NT.
To my knowledge there is no movement to the degree you describe above, however, due to this public monitoring a change was highlighted last year quite low (3/4 of the way) down on the south eastern flank. This was not connected to any of the known major excavations. It is though worth recalling that one major vertical exacavation, that took place in the wake of the tunnel of 1849, was not known to Atkinson and only rediscovered a couple of years back.
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