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Silbury Hill trespassers
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Edited Jan 08, 2013, 12:38
Re: Silbury Hill trespassers
Jan 08, 2013, 12:33
Mustard wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
I fail to see how a sign indicating that one would be trespassing and liable to prosecution if they climbed the hill counter-productive at all. What it needs is the culprits to be actually brought to book instead of everybody just mamby-pambying around them all the time. WHY is nobody being prosecuted?

You're thinking from the perspective of someone who is responsive to reasonable requests. There are plenty of people out there with a contrary nature who will react to a reasonable request by doing the exact opposite.

I'm not sure HOW you expect prosecutions to take place? How will culprits be arrested, identified, and sufficient evidence gathered for a conviction?

I agree with what you are saying Mustard. I thought very much in black and white terms about this issue along the same lines as Roy until I met a woman late last year at a social gathering who admitted walking up there. Without going into too many details, 'ranting' at her would have been counter-productive and destructive so I just quietly stated the case for 'not'.

I do strongly agree with Roy that EH should not be allowing film crews up there as they did a couple of years back (for Countryfile I think) with Jim Leary leading the way. He was just following the directive of his employers I'm sure but I for one was taken aback to see it.

PS: Razor wire is horrible - hope never to see it at an ancient monument.
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