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Silbury Hill trespassers
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Evergreen Dazed
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Edited Jan 08, 2013, 19:22
Re: Silbury Hill trespassers
Jan 08, 2013, 18:19
tjj wrote:
bladup wrote:
Well that would have freaked me out, seeing a camera flying around on it's own, would you really like to see razor wire at Silbury [or anywhere]? I think that would be a sad sad day, I just wish people would stay off when it's wet [as that's when the most damage occurs].

If Steve is going to start posting here you better get used to his sense of humour ...
I travel to Oxford sometimes on a bus which calls into the entrance of Shrivenham Military base/college. The outer perimeter has a high fence with razor wire coiled around the top, the fence is also patrolled by guard dogs. No disrespect to the person who brought 'razor wire' into the debate but to be honest I'd rather see Silbury fall down.

Apologies to Nigel Swift for an earlier post made by me. I'm afraid this subject makes me a bit grumpy - Silbury is potentially unstable, however many assurances are given to the contrary, especially in flood conditions. Lets all go and have a party at Stonehenge and leave Silbury in peace. The people who climbed it in the past (pre-2000) did so in ignorance. There are no excuses now.

VBB mentioned the last he heard razor wire was being discussed as a possibilty.

I don't think anybody would like to see that. I was saying that if they really *needed* to keep people off the hill, they could, pretty much, by choosing that option. But obviously I can't imagine anybody wants it to come to that.

Rather strange comment of yours that you'd 'rather see Silbury fall down'.
Rather see it fall down than have to be (far from ideally) protected?
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