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Edited Jan 12, 2013, 09:04
Re: Silbury Hill trespassers
Jan 12, 2013, 08:53
nigelswift wrote:
Yes, but I don't think a compromise is needed but a consensus. I'd suggest one has emerged, and it's this:

1. Some people think it's OK to climb because their individual action is harmless (and they're right)

2. Most think it's not OK to climb because the cumulative damage is harmful (and they're right)

3. The photos have emphasized how right group 2 is, so there's a growing view that whatever can be done to get most of group 1 to join group 2 should be.

4. It's mostly about better notices and it's really up to EH to address that issue. As someone who, in his time, put up dozens of notices there because they hadn't put up enough, and had them all removed by them without them adding to their own, I don't think there should be a request for them to do it but a public clamour.

I think a compromise is inevitable Nigel because you cannot ban the public on the grounds that the hill is being damaged but then allow others up to carry out even scientific research or the real sticking point, commercial reasons as it will be seen as being unjust. It has to be seen as being fair and just or you will always get the person who takes great umbrage to this and puts two fingers up. The public will always be attracted to the hill and would like to climb it but as we have seen over the years they are now, on the whole, being much more understanding and keeping off it. I'm still of the opinion however that both sides can/could be catered for by reinstating the path in a sympathetic way thus making it a compromise but one that was always available to us in the past when very little, if any, damage was caused. It has been the banning and the none use of the original path that has been the main reason for the modern-day damage to the surface on the north side where it can be climbed out of sight of authority. All other damage to the hill lays firmly at the door of the excavators and not JP. That's just my opinion which I have voiced before. Climbing the hill like I have done twice in my lifetime was rather special to me and would love to do it one more time, but only now when everyone is allowed and on an approved path.
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