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Which Kiss albums?
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keith a
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 22, 2012, 17:06
Moon Cat wrote:

Personally, I'd say to 'em, seriously, whats the problem? If I was 18 maybe I'd be more arsed about such things.

So why are you getting in such a tizz abut all this?

It's ridiculous. How many times have you mentioned me and Kiss in the same posts in a daft manner - posts that previously had nothing to do with Kiss. It's a bit of fun that we both go along with so I'm wondering when the goalposts suddenly moved here? I posted some daft things here and a more serious discussive reply to Ian B about Chuck Berry and the Dolls etc.

You're making a mountain out of nothing and seem to want to personalise this matter ('prejudiced', 'bullish', 'you should...', etc). Honestly, I don't need your advice on what I'm allowed to say on here and what I'm not. It's not your forum. And not everyone is going to fawn about the bands you like.

Whatever you might think, someone starting a post on what KISS LP's to buy hasn't upset me in the slightest. I'm a grown man who lives in the real world. I couldn't care less. As you say you're not 18 anymore, so stop being so arsed about something that really doesn't matter.

And open-mindedness works both ways.

Now will the real Mooncat come back, please?
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