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Which Kiss albums?
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Moon Cat
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Edited Apr 22, 2012, 16:41
Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 22, 2012, 15:53
keith a wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:

I have long suspected that part of this (now tedious IMO) routine stems from the fact that one Julian Cope happens to like the rock band KISS and this does not sit well with certain amongst his fanbase. Well, guess what - he also likes Van Halen "OH NO!!! RUNAWAY! HUGE TRUAMA! END OF THE WORLD! AAAAIEEEEE!"

Well to put this into context for those of us who loved the Teardrop Explodes, Julian Cope not being into Scott and becoming a Kiss fan is akin to the following...

Imagine if Ian Curtis had lived and then all those years later he said he didn't really like Iggy Pop anymore, but he now loved The Dooley's.

Don't you think some old Joy Division fans would feel a trifle disappointed and mention it on an Ian Curtis discussion forum?

; )

Maybe they would. Personally, I'd say to 'em, seriously, whats the problem? If I was 18 maybe I'd be more arsed about such things. People, including musical heroes, such as they are, have divergent tastes. Either you accept that and go about your business and let people enjoy what they like - and we're talking bloody pop music here at the end of the day, not voting for the EDL or something - or you don't. Personally I'm for the former. Lifes too short to get in a twiz if my mate likes music I don't. If, however, you prefer the latter path i.e you feel the instant need to point out shortcomings etc ,percevived (by 'you') in something someone likes, be it KISS, Wire, S Club 7, god knows what, then you should, I think, question your motives for doing so, and also expect responses you might not like.

This was a thread started by someone asking KISS fans for advice. It turned into a plop-storm (again!) because the very ACT of liking KISS seems to upset some people in a way that is quite bewildering to me. Especially on a forum where open-mindedness is supposedly a virtue.

This is not about KISS - it's about not being apparently terrified by, or unwilling to accept, divergent tastes.

That's all it is.
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