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Which Kiss albums?
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Edited Apr 19, 2012, 08:39
Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 19, 2012, 08:09
radagast wrote:
[quote="Squid Tempest"

How about a 52 year old testosterone-driven dumbhead? Do I still qualify?[/quote]

In that case you don't need Kiss anyway. IMNSHO Kiss only words for blokes who want to remember how it feels beeing 16 again and find out temporarily killing your brain with as much alcohol as available just doens't do the trick.

I could be tempted to make a similar case against whole Psych Rock savant drug casualty ambulance-chaser thing (drool is just drool if you are the one mopping it up) but this is a broad church needing an open mind. Kiss is a cartoon, a fantasy built on the best pop metal money can buy. You clearly like a bit of Tolkein (whose works are also no stranger to excessive merchandising) so I am sure you can see the appeal on that level at least. To my ear anyone trying to find some critical daylight between the Chuck Berry, MC5, The Dolls, Pistols and Kiss are kind of missing the point of what this music is for.
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