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Which Kiss albums?
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keith a
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 20, 2012, 17:50
paradox wrote:
It's very interesting though.......

Most threads started on here average say between 10-20 posts!?
Start one on KISS and (Sonic) Boom!
I think the previous thread on KISS ended up with 150 odd posts.

Love em, or hate em, you can't help but debate em.

When I first joined this forum, I was very guilty of some of the points that you mention....ie, berating people for liking certain artists, etc.
I sat myself down and basically told myself to "Stop being such a cunting cunt"
I actually go red in the fizzhog when I think about it.

So, sorry for being a knob a few years ago and I actually now own a couple of Smiths albums........

See Keith.....It can be done....80)

A couple of Smiths LP, Paradox. I'm impressed!

I remember you saying what you'd heard a track in a pub or somewhere and liked it but couldn't identify it.

I did actually search for a Kiss track that Mooncat had highlighted as being a fave to give them another chance, like I had done a year or two ago. I was going to post asking for one Kiss track I should hear, but I thought I might get a trifle overwhelmed by responses so I re-read some posts here and chose one. I can't remember the title now and this thread is so big it'd probably take me a while to find it again but I think Mooncat described it as being ludicrous glam thing or something like that. Anyway, it wasn't my cup of tea though I will say I didn't think it wasn't as bad as the other things I've heard by them! So that's kinda faint praise at least! ; )
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