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Which Kiss albums?
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Moon Cat
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 20, 2012, 16:42
keith a wrote:
That was too long for me to bother reading in is entirity TBH, but I will say I reserve the right to dislike what I want. I also reserve the right to say I don't like something - like everyone else here does. I'm a bit baffled by your rather earnest post though - it seems at odds with your general irreverence about other acts and a little over-the-top in view of the general spirit of the posts on this thread.

As for Julian...So Julian Cope likes Kiss. And Julian Cope likes Van Halen. That's up to him, but yes I preferred it when he liked artists I could relate to. My love of Scott Walker is partly down to his Fire Escape In The Sky collection. A Kiss equivalent is not going to appeal to me, so our tastes have clearly parted ways. And yes I initially found it disappointing that someone I had admired so long could end up spouting a love for an act that I find too laughable for words. Take the cosy club here out of the equation and most older Cope fans I know feel the same way.

I'm wondering whether there is one rule for one act and another rule for another here. Alabama Shakes have got a right kicking here of late and that's presumably acceptable? They sound OK from what I've heard, but their main crime seems to be that they're not doing something that hasn't been done already and something which hasn't been done better.

Which lead us nicely back to Kiss...

You don't read it so you don't get it and that's not my (or anyone elses) problem Keith but yours. Sorry, but you clearly have a definite musical prejudice, not a simply a diversion of taste, that you occasionally like to inflict upon others that don't subcribe to your view. Not liking something is one thing. Having a definite problem when others do is another. Replace keywords in these various debates over the years with say "Wire" or "Magazine" and see how long it takes for that knee to twitch.

Your reply misses the point cos you chose not to read the post. If you wish to be routinely bullish about telling people why they shouldn't like something then expect responses. Personal taste doesn't come into it.

The Alabama Shakes point is blisteringly irrelevant to this issue as it stands.

But no hard feelin's guv. Just stop picking on us.
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