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Which Kiss albums?
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Moon Cat
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 22, 2012, 15:44
machineryelf wrote:
Do you seriously consider KISS to be better than Wire or Magazine? I'm not being funny here but if so you need to take stock.
I'm not a huge Wire fan but the first couple of Wire albums were serious game changers and Wire have constantly over the years kept up a high quality output, slightly more biased on Magazine who I rate second only to The Ramones in Punk hero stakes and were the first band that took punk up the right path as opposed to that frantic crass/oi road that it became known for.
KISS have written a few good tunes and put on some spectacular live shows, so has Robbie Williams.By all means like KISS but don't make anything of them beyond being a successful pop metal band who have been treading the same boards since '78 bar the odd [in both senses of the word]career diversion.

No. SIGH. It's not a case of being better than or my dad's bigger than yours.

I used those bands cos I know KeithA likes them LOTS and I was trying (obviously failing. If I wasn't clear enough I apologise) to illustrate/ask how he would feel, as a big fan, if his actual RIGHT to like those bands, let alone simply like ''em was routinely called into question every bloody time their name was mentioned!

For the record, if it matters, I like Magazine, not that fussed about Wire.
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