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Which Kiss albums?
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keith a
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Edited Apr 20, 2012, 18:18
Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 20, 2012, 17:39
Moon Cat wrote:

You don't read it so you don't get it and that's not my (or anyone elses) problem Keith but yours. Sorry, but you clearly have a definite musical prejudice, not a simply a diversion of taste, that you occasionally like to inflict upon others that don't subcribe to your view. Not liking something is one thing. Having a definite problem when others do is another. Replace keywords in these various debates over the years with say "Wire" or "Magazine" and see how long it takes for that knee to twitch.

Your reply misses the point cos you chose not to read the post. If you wish to be routinely bullish about telling people why they shouldn't like something then expect responses. Personal taste doesn't come into it.

The Alabama Shakes point is blisteringly irrelevant to this issue as it stands.

But no hard feelin's guv. Just stop picking on us.

You need to stop being so defensive here. I'm a Morrissey fan and people have said far worse things about him than I said about Kiss here, which - as I've already said - I thought was being conducted in a decent spirit. Bit of discussion here, bit of a laugh there.

And the Alabama Shakes point is not irrelevant at all.

No-one's picking on you. No hard feelings at all, even if you seem to want to make this personal rather than about Kiss. Writing 'no hard feelings' sat the end of your post doesn't make your post any less 'bullish' than any of mine.
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