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Which Kiss albums?
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 18, 2012, 17:26
Squid Tempest wrote:
machineryelf wrote:
I'd tend to agree with the you've got all you need viewpoint but at a push I'd say Alive II ,Love Gun or the first S/t unless Double Platinum is also on offer

someone will mention Music From The Elder, ignore them it really is SHITE of the highest order

if you want some dumb 70s rock n roll on the cheap I'd recommend something other than KISS who whilst writing some canny tunes also had a lot of filler

edit useful suggestions

James Gang Live or Miami
Gues Who Live at the Paramount
Foghat Live
Bachman Turner Overdrive Not Fragile/4 Wheel Drive
Allman bros Live at the Fillmore
Mountain Live
early Ted Nugent
I see all the Grand Funk cds have been remastered too

Hah! Some tempting suggestions there actually. I did get a Grand Funk album a while back (the live one?) and wasn't that impressed.

Edit: actually, I've already got the Elder. Didn't mention it because I almost don't count it as a Kiss album!

I thought Grand Funk would have been right up your street the 3 main live releases are all worth a listen IMHO [unless you have that horrible 80s thing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Funk_Lives],horses for courses it appear.
What do you think of The Elder, on release I loathed it because it was such an obviously crass and money related thing to do and at the time I wasn't overly keen on the The Wall either, but when Seb revealed his idea for a film I thought I'd better give it another listen and it was worse second time around,it is IMHO terrible at just about any angle you wish to approach it from
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