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Which Kiss albums?
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Moon Cat
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Re: Which Kiss albums?
Apr 20, 2012, 15:53
Glad you're enjoying your fine purchases Squid. I think there's a world tour on the cards and, trust me, you will have a stupidly good night out if you choose to go. Obviously, don't forget to rock n roll all night and party everyday!

I can't be the only one that finds it slightly bewildering and ludicrous that every so often we KISS fans are called upon, on this forum, to defend not only us happening to like a particular American rock band but also our RIGHT to like them.

FFS, it'd be easier being a Skrewdriver fan on here sometimes.

And what happened to all the "Hey, wow we're all really open minded on here aren't we? We like punk and free-jazz and dub and ambient and drone and noise and rock n roll and everything which makes us such a free thinking bunch of hispters. Oh, wait, some of you like KISS! Burn them for they know not what they do! Now, let's get back to being tolerant"

I have long suspected that part of this (now tedious IMO) routine stems from the fact that one Julian Cope happens to like the rock band KISS and this does not sit well with certain amongst his fanbase. Well, guess what - he also likes Van Halen "OH NO!!! RUNAWAY! HUGE TRUAMA! END OF THE WORLD! AAAAIEEEEE!"

So here it is from my POV for what it's worth

I happen to like the Rock band KISS
Some other people on this forum also happen to like the rock band KISS.
Julian Cope likes the rock band KISS.
This will sometimes mean that the rock band KISS may be discussed in a positive light amongst these similarly inclined persons.
It would appear that this seems to upset and aggravate those on this incredibly open-minded forum that do not like the rock band KISS (or indeed have a problem with the genre itself).
I say to these people, fear not! Recent analysis has shown that others liking the rock band KISS does not, in fact, impact on your own tastes nor should it somehow ruin your day or negatively impact on your life entire.
If it does, then it might be suggested that the 'problem', such as it is, does not in fact stem from these individuals who seem to be quite happy going about their daily lives which may include liking the rock band KISS, but rather from other persons who seem unwilling to let this apparent 'transgression' exist with out comment or interference.

I should, at this juncture, point out, by example, that I do not like the singer Bob Dylan. However, should a group of individuals gather on this forum and start discussing the merits of the singer Bob Dylan, I am fairly certain that I would not feel the slightest inclination (unless asked ) to point out the demerits of the singer Bob Dylan, as percieved by myself, or indeed why such individuals are somehow 'at fault' for liking the singer Bob Dylan. This is because I, myself, would see such a thing as a pointlessly cuntly, mean-spirited act that serves to achieve nothing apart from perhaps seeking to provoke and upset those that like the singer Bob Dylan. If the subject is contextualised in the form of open debate then perhaps one might get involved, but if the context is simply like-minded folk comparing notes then I believe my intervention would, rightly, be recieved as unwelcome and unwarranted.

So, I like the rock band KISS. Other people also like the rock band KISS. Julian Cope likes the rock band KISS. Please do not let this ruin your day or, indeed, prompt you to start ruining someone elses day.

Love and KISSES

Kiss Fan of Manchester
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