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Fileshare and illegally download now!
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Re: Fileshare and illegally download now!
Nov 23, 2009, 21:17
Squid Tempest wrote:
This has generated a lot of heated discussion about the pros/cons of downloading, but very few people have focused on the actual legislation. Regardless of your view on downloading, this legislation is still very draconian and unpleasant. It removes the idea of "innocent until proven guilty" from the law in question. To me this is the important issue here.

Exactly, and while we're on the subject why the fuck are they not doing anything seriously about the REAL criminals, the ones we all see on markets and car boots SELLING fake cds/dvds to the general public, surely its them who are costing the record/film companies money in the long run because thats where your average joe is gonna get hold of his cds/dvds at 3 for a tenner. Despite what us passionate music fans think we are a drop in the ocean in regard to the big picture and there are a hell of a lot more average joes out there! It's mr and mrs smith from no 43 acacia avenue, that used to get their robbie williams cd from woolies along with their latest disney dvds for the kids, who impact the big boys by buying their stuff from geoff down the car boot, who then uses his money to fund his other criminal activities. Yet these guys never get properly busted and it's us poor sods who feel the brunt of these draconian laws, the really sad thing is no matter how many of us filesharers get busted, geoff will still be there killing music/dvd retail and making a pretty penny, of that we can be certain.

And for the record i haven't downloaded anything for the last year or so, but did in the past, and i do support my local record shop here in scarborough and will continue to do so. That doesn't mean i think downloading is wrong, i think it is a perfectly acceptable way of obtaining music, and i believe (as a musician myself) it also leads to cd sales in the long run, i have bought many cds by artists i hadn't heard before as a result of downloads in the past. I think people need to realise that downloads are a great promotional tool, record companies still haven't latched on to this really, a free or cheap download of a full cd before it comes out should result in some extra sales and should increase the quality of an artists work in theory, 'cos one things for sure if we download it and it's shite we ain't gonna buy it!

Anyways that's my two (possibly three!) penneth worth...

And hello again all! ;0)

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