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Fileshare and illegally download now!
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dodge one
dodge one
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Re: Fileshare and illegally download now!
Nov 22, 2009, 00:01
Popel Vooje wrote:
Dodge, those krautrock albums that folk post on here about aren't that difficult to get hold of on CD these days. In fact, many of them are probably more widely distributed now than they were in the early 70s. There's a glut of re-issue labels such as Spalax, Cleopatra and Repertoire that specifically cater for that market, as specialised as it may be.

Aside from your arguments about file-sharing, I think your description of "Soundtracks of our Lives" as a vanity list is a little harsh. I know from the number of real-life encounters I've had with HHers that there are many people on this forum who virtually live, eat and shit music - I'm one of them, to the extent that it often leaves me with little time for anything else.

Again....as i posted, it's sheer #'s of items every week that have me staggered. I make a very respectable living, and can't approach near the volume of music that is supposed at in those posts. I guess there are VERY wealthy members on this site. And more power to 'em if that's the case. It's taken me a span of 35 years of steady but sensible buying habits to put my pile together. I do not even come close to some of the reputed weekly listenings....and i DO 'own' over 7000 individual recorded items. Just has me wonderin' for sure......

For the record, everything I post about on "Soundtracks of our lives" is owned. Admittedly, I do get to hear a lot of stuff for free, as I work in the NSA and listening to new releases is part of my job, but frankly about 70% are so mediocre they go in one ear and out the other. The ones I like, I will always buy, unless they're out of print, in which case that's not an option.

Other than that you state you you own all your music, as physical media, i assume, I'm not too sure about what it is your pointing out here.

The only thing I object to is being expected to pay for the same album two or thrree times over. "The Beatles In Mono" box set was an example of this - if EMI are going to charge loyal Beatles fans - many of whom have probably paid for those albums several times - £200 for a box set of CDs that could easily have been issued separately, or as two-fers with the stereo mixes, they have only themselves to blame if people opt to download rather than buy. Same with "The Velvet Underground & Nico" - having already paid for, and worn out, that album three times (on cassette, vinyl and CD). I reckon I'm entitled to download the mono mix for free rather than fork out for a fourth edition/

This is the true crux of the matter for me. I own all the Beatles records. Most as original pressings from the 1960's. Now....if i understand you correctly, The Beatles catalog is 'OWED' to me gratis as free down-loads?Is that right? This assumes that YOU actually have owned the MONO releases of those Beatles albums, as the original purchaser,....something that i would find astonishing in the extreme for someone 8 years my junior.
Alternate universe timelines aside....How has it effected me any, that i did not purchase these MONO {or otherwise} box-sets. In full re-mastered fidelity? Or downloaded them as copied MP3 files? Am i at a serious loss here? How so? Do i miss the chance to brag up that i got 'em? Or complain that i think they sound like shit on my IPOD?....so many questions.....
Same applies for the Velvet Underground....
If my coat were's out, does the coat store owe me another as replacement?
What about the coat of paint on my house?
What about my LP copy of the Leather Coated Minds?
Incredible......the ENTITLED mind-set.

When it comes to less established artists who struggle to eke out a living from their music, though, I'm against file-sharing myself - but with CDs having been kept at an artificially high price for so long, I do feel that the industry is partly to blame.

It is an extroadinary thing that you can decide for yourself what and which artists are not worth regarding in the ILLEGAL down-loading scheme. But when you call it "FILE SHARING" it's got such a harmless ring to it.
Artificially high prices?
When i can't afford something...i just won't get to own it. Thats life. No one OWES me a thing.

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