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Fileshare and illegally download now!
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Popel Vooje
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Re: Fileshare and illegally download now!
Nov 22, 2009, 13:32
dodge one wrote:
Yes , But Ian Makes fine points, YOU sir, Don't. What Spin you put on points that have NOTHING AT ALL to do with ILLEGAL Down-loading.
Meritocracy?......? Nice diversion from the point.
You sure have ME figured out.
Then i spits on em.
Is what i do.
It's what us YANKS do.

OK, I'll give you that, even if you are twisting my words to give them a meaning that I never intended. The point about Americans being brought up to believe that anyone who works hard enough can be financially successful is a generalisation that's probably out of date by now. So I apologise for that - maybe I've just read "Death of a Salesman" too many times. You're not helping to disabuse us Limeys of stereotyped assumptions about Americans by coming out with statements like "If I can't afford something, I don't buy it. No one owes me anything ". That sounds suspiciously similar to much of the "It's a tough world out there, son, but you gotta roll with the punches" rhetoric spouted by reactionary American bullshit merchants like Rush Limbaugh.

Dodge One wrote:
The coat point you made ... WHAT??/"

It was you who introduced the coat analogy, not me:

Dodge One wrote:
If my coat's worn out, does the coat store owe me a replacement?

Dodge One wrote:
And yeah ... my parents own a shitload of old records too. How the FUCK is that relevant???

I was answering a question you asked me about the point of owning the mono mixes of Beatles albums:

Dodge One wrote:
How has it affected me, that I haven't purchased these mono box sets? Am I at a serious loss here? How so? Do I miss the chance to brag up that I got them?

The reason I mentioned that my parents owned the original mono pressing of those albums was to answer your question about why anyone would want to own them. I know from listening to my parents' vinyl, that the mono mixes sound richer and more powerful. That's why I want them on my I-Pod, as opposed to the stereo versions that I already own - it has nothing to do with "bragging up". Besides which, sir, there is no need to swear. There were no profanities in my post, so there's no reason for you to dish them out to me.

Re.the busker analogy - again, that was a response to a statement you made to me about how "extraordinary" it is that I choose to differentiate between those who can afford to lose a small amount of money from downloads and those who can't. This is one part of my post that I'll stick by without any reservations. You're right about one thing - when it comes to "stealing" a 0.000001 per cent slice of income from overpaid rock stars who earn more in 60 seconds than I do in a year, I couldn't care less. Maybe it's right, maybe it's wrong, but even if it is wrong, there are far greater evils in the world than depriving multi-millionaires of an insignificant slice of their income, so I'm not going to lose any sleep over doing it. On the other hand, when it comes to an artist like Bobb Trimble who has to live off government assistance due to health issues, and whose work has been heavily pirated in the past, I'll buy the officially sanctioned reissues of his albums as a matter of principle, because his need is obviously greater than mine, or Paul McCartney's, or Lou Reed's.
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