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Fileshare and illegally download now!
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dodge one
dodge one
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Fileshare and illegally download now!
Nov 23, 2009, 00:22
machineryelf wrote:

2% of that = 6,081,195

at say 10 boots each that makes 60,810,195 at $10 a pop

that means you & people like you have cost the US record industry


hang your heads in shame

or maybe the record companies and you are making up figures to suit themselves

D1 Said:
I haven't made up any #'s that i'm aware of. In fact i just guessed at that 2% figure. If anything, My Elfy friend, The #'s are actually significantly LOWER. Why? Strictly speaking, with regard to Boot-leg L.P.'s....They have not particulary impacted any market since the 70's,and so please adjust your calculation figures for a 1975 USA census figure. Furthermore, the 10 that i own {which i see, since i've confessed to owning, i am now subject to various forms of "Got-Cha, you AssWipe"} are Pink Floyd outtakes and concerts....with neato titles like 'Take Linda Surfing' and 'Knobs'.....
Considering i own EVERY official release that the FLOYD put out too, i figure no harm done there. Hey, at least i fessed up. Pretty small beans compared to say, Oh.....what? 1000....5000....10,000? Ill-Gotten MP3 albums on peoples {External...out of nessesity} hard-drives.
At least my 10 WIZARDO Boots made a little cash for the old record shop i bought them at, back in them good old days.
And a small niggle....What the fuck is up with the ''YOU GUYS" bit? The "Hang 'YOUR' heads" in shame bit?
What...this is a situation percieved to be unique to AMERICA? Caused by US?
Fine....just heap the blame on 'US'...were used to it.
Funny.....i'll give you a pass, as you are a Brother Sailor.

I'm not having a dig at you here Dodge, I'm trying to get through to you that downloading is merely the tip of an iceburg, the music industry is going to have to rethink how it works, the bubble has burst, the genie is out of the bag, and ranting on about evil downloaders is a waste of time

A matter of perception here. I see it a little different.
THE BUBBLE BURST......More like was shot with a scatter gun by pirateing and "Down-loaders"
THE GENIE IS OUT OF THE BAG{BOTTLE?}......Sure is, the Digital era has allowed all those who care to be, thieves on an EPIC scale.
RANTING ABOUT EVIL DOER'S.....I don't think i ranted once in all my replys. Just took as honest a look the situation as i could. It's not easy to buck the trend, or be the point man in a thread like this. TITLED: Fileshare and illegally download now!........
Whats the correct response? OK.... SURE ! ????
One last thought about that. I've seen folks here on this site offer links to copyrighted music. And post links to BLOGS that have that stuff going on...
Why don't we just post links to all of JULIAN's Music? Well why not?
That wouldn't be cool? It would be Disrespectfull? Not on the 'DOWN-LOW' enough? What? Julian gets a pass?

Just as a matter of interest what is your take on this, local band called Bong, I purchased the cds from the band, then I found that the band had put all the stuff up for free download, where does that leave me, feeling ripped off that something I paid for has been now made free
No, I'm glad that they might get a wider audience, next year they are playing Roadburn, hopefully the year after they'll conquer the world
All power to the net as far as I'm concerned

ELF......how can you possibly not see the diffrence here?
Between the CD you bought at the show and feeling RIPPED OFF that you could have got those toons at home by clicking...on the DOWNLOAD icon?
Again perception..... Here is how i see it. When you bought the CD at the show, you supported the band financially.You got a physical piece of media, with what i assume some attractive packaging. Furthermore, if the CD was done nicely, in CD format, you got yourself a digital facsimle of the band at about 100% signal reproduction, albeit digitized.
Those home downloads for free? They were MP3's i'd guess...at best a 80% reproduction sonically of what went down. The only thing to look at? What? Right Click/Properties.....Length of MP3 in seconds and bit-rate? How exciting......

The net has done far more to help the bands I like than it has to hinder
I've seen crowds for the likes of doom increase 1000% because people now get to hear this stuff, the local scene in Newcastle has probably always been thriving but now I know about it because of the net

Thats all very nice, but has got nothing to do with ILLEGAL DOWNLOADING.

swings & roundabouts, and moaning about illegal d/l makes no difference, I didn't buy Mariah Carey cds before downloading, I'm not downloading them now

D1 SAID: Again...i don't waste my time "MOANING" about anything.
Mariah Carey? Whats that got to with it? Anyone can turn on a radio and immediately identify that stuff as UTTER Shit.
In closing...cause i'm utterly exaushted on this subject, That article i posted earlier in this thread, stated that last year, 95% of ALL music downloads were ILLEGAL.
Thats the 800 hundred pound gorilla in this room. Every fucking one of us KNOWS the difference between a Catalog item by an artist and something that some guy uploaded,that an artist put down at a concert in 1978, and was recorded with a tape recorder.
Anyone that wants to pretend that they are too stupid to know the difference.....well from what i can tell, the legislature that you are all in fear of, seems to indicate a 3 strikes policy....
Figure it out.
Thats it. I'm done with this thread.

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