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Fileshare and illegally download now!
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dodge one
dodge one
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Re: Fileshare and illegally download now!
Nov 22, 2009, 13:51
machineryelf wrote:
dodge one wrote:

THAT's 10 pieces of VINYL of 'BOOT-LEG' status that i own from the 1970's.
I guess it completely Taint's the other 6990 or so other pieces of Media i bought with legitamate status.
How that compares to a blog that uploads a brand-new release of an Artist and see's {What?} ......Thousands? of ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS that DAY.......and then goes viral to other BLOG sites.....
But yes.....i have NOT thought this through at all.

because you only have ten illegal lps that doesn't compare to someone who has some downloads on his computer, let's see,how many towns does the US have


25375, now in each of those towns there is one person who likes a band[s] enough to own 10 boot lps that makes 253,750 illegal lps at say 10$ a shot, that's $2,537,500 that isn't in the band[s] pockets

yes it's just the same, I honestly can't see how it is COMPLETELY BEYOND YOU

It's not really worth it, but i could, given the time, Knock these sorts of straw-man comparisons DOWN all day long.
And not because i take an exceptional umbrage towards a particular member of this site.
Certainly, for me at least, It's a stunner to find myself so isolated on this side of the arguement here. I 've posted on and off for about 2 years here. Lurked about 5 more years than that.
To the best of my recollection, it's only been me or Ian thats taken any stand at all against the issue of what i personally will continue to call 'ILLEGAL DOWN-LOADING'.
If people want to put a shine on a turd, by calling it 'FILE-SHARING' {has such a friendly lilt when you call it "SHARING"}..... Then that is one trend that i won't be jumping on.

About your town/Bootleg per person comparison....
What was it you said about THINKING?
I don't know about your particular social circle.....but mine is fairly assorted. And i can tell you for a fact, NO one that i know in my radius has anything approaching my collection. Much less BOOT LEG L.p.'s.
In fact, i gave up YEARS ago, expecting or reacting with MOCK shock and horror that people didn't know who the fuck JULIAN COPE was....or any of Dozens others bands/artists that appeal to me.
But if it gives you comfort to think that everyone in the USA has 10 bootleg LP's {or More} in there stash.....more power to you.
I'd personally estimate more like about 2 % or less of our population.
But even if you are correct, and your not,
You truly are being completely dis-honest to say that the average person who ILLEGALLY downloads copy righted media......
Has got typically less than 100's of albums that way. Perhaps 1000's.
How i am on the wrong side of this issue, is astonishing.
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