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Fileshare and illegally download now!
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Edited Nov 22, 2009, 01:04
part 2
Nov 22, 2009, 01:03
dodge one wrote:
Just a few thoughts on the Trickle down effect....
Ian was about as thorough as one can be with his informed insight.
I can add to it somewhat from the viewpoint of a player/collector.
Whats it cost to be a musician?
And take it out on the road and try to eke out a living at it?
Lets talk about some facts and figures there.
I can speak to the costs of several items in the musicians world.

A GOOD guitar. 2000 - 5000 dollars US
A GOOD AMPLIFIER RIG. 3000 - 5000 dollars US
Want tonal pallette? Various guitars and amps with specific sonic signatures? Multiples of figures cited.
Microphones? A nuemann u-87? 3000 Dollars US.
A nice RODE? 600 - 2000 dollars
The better SHURE 'BETA's'? 300 and up....

A decent roadworthy mixing console....thousands.
A decent roadworthy P.A. system?.....THOUSANDS.
All the cords, line conditioners, pedals, tuners, etc.....THOUSANDS.

The DRUMS and BASS guitars? See above.

Transport to here and yonder? The hotel Bills?
The shitty food, and time away from home....Schlepping all the gear around....and for most bands just try to break into the scene....leveraged to there eyeballs with Credit bills for said gear.
The studio recording charges.
Oh wait....you mean another start up INDIE label has gone under? Why?

The guitars I play: $125 electric Strat knock-off from a pawn shop 20 years ago, and a $50 3/4-size acoustic (probably intended for children) whose strings I have changed only once in 10+ years (I think old strings sound warmer -- I play them til they break off.)

My favorite amp: $50 Peavey bought from a friend 25 years ago.

Pedals I use: $30 for used analog delay ages ago; splurged on a brand new Vox wah for $150 tho. I think anyone who uses more pedal boxes than this is a lazy wimp! (Unless if you're Roger Miller or Curt Kirkwood, though I bet Kirkwood only uses about 3 pedals at most.)

Recording unit: $50 Radio Shack portable mono cassette recorder (they still make them) -- cassettes about $1 apiece (normal bias.)

Hotels on tour, are you kidding? We sleep on the floor wherever they'll have us! Hope to sell enough merch (tapes!) to pay for gas . . . maybe the nice people who let us sleep on their floor can feed us too . . .

Does it really require spending a fortune to make music? fuck NO!

Check out some underground music these days, and you'll see cassettes and home taping are making a big come back. Cassettes sound cooler and are still cheaper than a laptop and ProTools kind of set up. (Very small "groups" of one to three people seem to be all the rage as well -- these are ECONO times after all.)

I know it sounds very old fashioned, but you'd be surprised how far CREATIVITY AND INGENUITY can take you! Money should not be a barrier to making music, and it really isn't -- only in yr mind!

Unless of course by "music" you mean a massive tour with truckloads of lights & backup dancers & stuff to push a CD that took 18 months and a million dollars to record -- to which I again say, if they're losing money on that business model, then we must be doing something right!

dodge one wrote:
This one little ILLEGAL download won't go noticed....said the collective conscience of BILLIONS.

Here's some music I was involved in making -- someone else (in Spain I believe) put it up online -- HELP YOURSELF, and if you like it I personally encourage you to purchase the material artifact (try The Google, it works fast!) And see the band when we come to your town (put us up at your place?), et cetera.


(Lots more on that site & Soulseek too.)

My point is, not all music lovers, musicans or "artists" are against "illegal" downloading. From the underground musicians' perspective, it's more like "evening the playing field" -- we were never allowed to eat at the table where the lunch is allegedly being stolen in the first place. I think that what hurts "their" economy now may very well be good for "us" in the long run.

dodge one wrote:
I know that this little thought stream of mine is somewhat shambolic.
And i won't argue my points of view with any of you. And i'll leave you to yours.
Thanks again IAN, for saying it all far more eloquent than i am capable of.

Well put, seconded & me too.

I think this is something reasonable people can disagree on -- I know I'm open to other's opinions, and my own are a work in progress on this issue.
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