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Calling Grufty Jim (& the rest of you 2)
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Calling Grufty Jim (& the rest of you 2)
Nov 08, 2002, 01:32
You promised you'd revist my 'oil blockade' call to action. If you don't demolish my arguments in the next month then I have a choice of doing it anyway without your moral consent, or going to prison like a wuss for the minor dissent I have pursued. Give me satisfaction -argue !

I mean it! Talk me out of it or the UK has no fossil fuel for the Winter I promise. I have a plan that will work and is close to foolproof. If anyone wants to help then email me pleae or else state your genuine reasons why I should hold my fire. Your help isn't really necessary but may swing the balance. Riot Gibbon ! Necropolis ! Anyone - I promise a real solution ( no thats wrong, a real good strategy is all I promise ).

Long term solutions aren't enough given the current situation. Possible deaths impress me less than they would impress the fire brigades unions considering strikes, and more people might die if you won't volunteer.
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