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proud children
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Annexus Quam
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proud children
Apr 21, 2002, 12:59
Inspired by the earlier thread and by the fantastic article in the U-Know section last year, I have been wondering if anyone has got any practical experience in educating their kids without having to resort to a school.

I'm not in search of a long "is-school-better-or-worse" / "my teachers sucked" thread, as everyone will have their own interests, experiences and lives for their children, and many will agree with me that, ideally and in theory, schools are a bloody waste of time and kids can learn so much more from living in the right environment, say, living in camping sites or more intensely in touch with the natural and with other lay-back folks. I'd like to know if anybody here is already rearing them up in a non-school environment and what their *practical suggestions* or experiences are. Or if you've heard about someone already doing it.

And what are the prospects in academic terms for the kids? Are they inevitably led to a dead end with a lack of degree / lack of further education? Or how can they get into the system later if they so wished / needed? I imagine it is easy not to send your kid to a kindergarten if you are going to educate him/her yourself at first but it gets harder and harder as the kid grows up and reaches school age...

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